Conversions, Leads, Sales

How does conversion calculation work?

Each visitor is assigned a unique Keitaro subid. It should be transmitted to a landing page or an offer using macros {subid}. Example:{subid}. This subid value should be returned through the partner page postback. For postback setup check the Postbacks page.

How can I connect postback to a partner page?

Check the Postbacks page.

Which conversions are counted?

Leads and sales.

What is the difference between leads and sales?

Lead is a potential customer, the reward for his actions is not yet received. Sale is an action taken by the user, for which the reward is already paid.

How to send conversions?

Read page Receiving postbacks.

How to import conversions?

Open the page Maintenance > Import conversions. Create a list of conversions and paste it into the input field. For example: