FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

Installation and update

How can I install Keitaro TDS?

How can I install ionCube?

Check ionCube Installation page.

What are the server requirements?

CheckServer Requirements page.

General questions

What is going to happen when the license expires?

Keitaro will stop collecting statistics and restrict access to the administration panel.

Can I install several TDS under the same license?

Yes, if they use the same IP address.

Can I change the license IP?

Yes, you can change IP in your personal area on our website.

Working with Keitaro

What is the admin panel address?


How to send visitors to a campaign from the domain?

At the Settings page in Misc tab find “Action for domain” and choose “Send to campaign”.

How can I restore TDS password?

Download the script http://keitarotds.com/getfile/reset_password. Upload it to TDS directory via FTP. Open http://your_tds/reset_password.php in your browser. On script page insert your login and your new password. Delete the script after the password has been changed.

The license date is not changed after extension.

  • Check your license key. Compare it with the one in the file /var/license/key.lic;
  • Delete the file /var/license/hash.lic.

How can a TDS key be changed?

Write a new key in /var/license/key.lic and delete the /var/license/hash.lic.

TDS files cannot be deleted or edited

If you need to access only one file, create a script in TDS directory: <html php> chmod('file/path', 0777); </html> Change the path to file and open it in browser.

If you need to change rights to several files, use the script http://keitarotds.com/getfile/fix_permissions. Change the path to the directory, upload it to TDS directory and open in your browser.

Which attributes must have files?

If PHP works in CGI or FastCGI mode set 755 for diretory var and 655 for other files.

cd /tds/directory
chmod 755 -R ./var

Check if the file owner is the same as the owner of PHP processes:

chown -R user ./

If you use Apache and mod_php set 777 attributes.

Why 777 rights are necessary for TDS directory?

Installer and update script need “create” and “write” file rights. If the server has the right configuration, 775 is enough, but usually web server works from another username and another group name.

If you are not going to use TDS automatic update, set 775 rights to /var directory, and 655 to others.

Why counter numbers at LiveInternet (Metrics) website and Keitaro are different?

If the website is the source of traffic:

  • Check if the domain is present in antivirus databases through virustotal.com;
  • Check if there are problems in TDS functionality, check the logs /var/log/errors.log и keitaro_errors.log;

If the website is traffic receiver:

  • Compare hits, uniques are counted differently in different systems. If the server statistics, for example, WebStat is installed, check their indices.
  • TDS can skip the bots if those do not load the counters;
  • Counters may be blocked by browser plugins.

"No data" message in all the reports

Check Cron settings at the “Status” page and error log /var/log/errors.log.

How to find the cause of a loss of traffic?

  • Check the error logs var/log/errors.log, var/log/keitaro_errors.log;
  • Go to the campaign link a few times;
  • Check the value of hits and not unique visitors;
  • Check the affiliate site time and TDS time. Perhaps they are in different time zones;
  • Switch the redirect type on HTTP, then compare conversion rates. If the losses have decreased/gone it means that some of traffic were bots which do not understand other types of redirects.
  • Check if the recipient of traffic in the black list: VirusTotal, Yandex, Google.

Referrers from Google and Yandex are not transmitted

Starting from September 25, 2013 Google turned on https on search page. Referrer is not transmitted during moving from https to http.

From the end of 2013 Yandex started reducing the transmission of referrers http://habrahabr.ru/company/yandex/blog/204886/.

Why is the domain with TDS marked as "Malicious site"?

Some services give the website “Malicious site” status for redirection to another domain.

To avoid it:

  1. Create a file main.html with any content in the domain directory;
  2. Open the page “Maintenance > Settings > Misc > Domain Action”;
  3. Choose action “Redirect to URL” and write URL of the created file.

How can I replace or hide a referrer?

Please read How to Hide Referrer.

How can I correct keywords encoding?

Add the parameter charset=utf-8 to the links to your campaigns.

How can I open an exported CSV in Excel?

  1. Create a new table;
  2. File → Import;
  3. Choose the «CSV file» option, click «Import» and choose your file;
  4. Choose «Original data type: Delimited», «File origin: Cyrillic (Windows)», press «Next»;
  5. Leave only «Delimeters: Semicolon», press Finish.
  6. Press OK in the new window.

How can the IP access to admin panel be restricted?

Apache. Create an /admin/.htaccess file with the following contents:

<Files index.php>
order Deny,Allow
Deny from all
Allow from

Nginx. Add this to host section(/etc/nginx/nginx.conf):

location /admin/index.php {
    deny all;

For Apache, turn on mod_rewrite and check if there is a directive in domain settings (https.conf):

AllowOverride All

For nginx/php-fpm add this to “location /” section:

try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args;

Error details

Read the [troubleshooting[]] page.