Program Code Documentation


Method Type Description
getUrl string Stream URL
getUrlWithParams($visitor) string URL with parameters and processed macros
getComments string Stream comment
getCampaignId int Campaign number in DB
getPosition int Position
getWeight int Weight
isExitStream boolean Is it an exit stream?


Method Type Description
getStreamId int Stream number
getStream Stream Stream
getCampaignId int) Campaign number
getCampaign Campaign Campaign
getDateTime DateTime Time
getUserAgent string UserAgent
getIp integer Visitor IP
getIpString string Visitor IP
getCountry string Country code
getRegion string Region code
getCity string City
getCityRu string City in Russian(If the geo-database is in Russian)
getBrowser string Browser
getOs string Operating system
getSe string Search engine
getOperator string Mobile carrier
getConnectionType string Connection type(the database of connection types should be turned on)
getIsp string Provider(provider database should be connected)
getKeyword string Keyword
getSource string Source
getReferrer string Referrer
getDeviceType string Device type
getDeviceModel string Device model
isBot boolean Is it a bot?
isUniqueStream boolean Is it unique for the stream?
isUniqueCampaign boolean Is it unique for the campaign?
getSubId() string Unique visitor SubId
getSubId(n) string User sub_id_n
getExtraParam(n) string extra_param_{n} contents

How to get query param from the request?