Keitaro TDS Update

What can I do if Keitaro is not updating automatically?

  1. Go to “Service > Status” page, check the error log.
  2. Assign the access attributes to 777 for all the TDS files. If necessary, you can return the previous access attributes after the update;
  3. Try the Manual update.

How does manual update work?

  • Extract and replace all the files;
  • Assign 777 attributes to all the “var” directory contents;
  • Go to “Updates > Migrations” page and launch all the necessary migrations.

Is it safe to set 755 and 777 access attributes?

It is relatively safe. If contaminated scripts are hosted nearby, there is the risk of contamination Keitaro files too. But if there are only your files on the server, there is no external risk at all.

One of the fuctions collapsed after update. What should I do?

  • Go to “Service > Migrations” page and launch the new migrations if there are such.
  • Go to “Service > Status” page, check the error log. You can find the detailed descriptions of errors at Troubleshooting page.

How can I roll back to the old version?

  1. Download the TDS files archive (for PHP 5.4 to 5.6), (для PHP 7). Write a necessary version number in VERSION.
  2. Extract and replace all the existing files.
  3. Set 777 attributes to /var directory, and if you want to update the software from admin panel, set 775 attributes to all the other TDS directories and files.

How can a very old software version be updated?

  1. Export the streams from each group;
  2. Move all the TDS files to /backup directory;
  3. Install the new TDS using a setup file;
  4. Create groups with the same identifiers;
  5. Import the streams to the groups you have created.

How can version 6 be updated to 7?

Please read page Upgrade to Keitaro TDS 7.

How can version 5 be updated to 6?

1. If after the update you see “Uncaught exception ‘ADODB_Exception’ with message…” errors in logs or after the group has been saved: — go to “Update > Migrations” page and relaunch migrations one by one starting from 10 up to 20. Do not mind the errors during relaunch. They only mean the successful launch of migrations earlier.

2.If the layout of the admin panel is broken: — move the custom redirects (if added before) from application/data/redirects/ to application/redirects. After that delete or rename application/data/redirects.