Working with Banners

How do they work?

The special js-code is connected to the website. It creates a frame (iframe) of a certain size. Keitaro is loaded into this frame, displaying a certain banner which depends on campaign settings and filters.

How can banners be displayed on my website?

  1. Create a campaign, choose the “Banners” type;
  2. Add banners and the necessary filters;
  3. Press “Display the code” button;
  4. Adjust width and height, copy the code;
  5. Place the code in your website template, in the place where you want the banner to be displayed.

Can I place the code without fixed banner frame size?

Remove size from frame code width="..." and height="...".

Add styles for frame on a website:

iframe {width:600px; height: 400px; max-width: 100%; }

If there are several frames on a website you need to add id for frame:

...<iframe id="banner-1"...
#banner-1 {width:600px; height: 400px; max-width: 100%; }

How to hide the frame code from bots?

Why does the page open in the frame when I click the banner?

Add the attribute target=_parent to the banner link:

<a target="_parent" href="..."><img src="banner.png" /></a>

Can I display banners and make redirects within one campaign?

Yes, but with some inconvenience.

  1. Create a campaign with type “Banner rotation”;
  2. Add banners and set the code on a website;
  3. Switch the type of campaign to “Basic”;
  4. Add a stream for redirect with the action “Redirect for iframe”;

Then you can add new redirects and banners. For banners choose the action “Show as HTML-page”.

Server solution (PHP)

  1. Create a campaign with type “Banner rotation”.
  2. Add banners.
  3. Open the page “Integration Assistant” and choose “Keitaro API”.
  4. Paste php-код on a website at that place where banners will be displayed.

You can add streams with popup code and use filters if necessary.