Working with Advertising Networks

How can I connect Keitaro to an advertising network?

Go to “Integration Assistant” at company page. Choose your advertising network. You will get an URL to place in advertising network.

Which networks are supported?

Yandex.Direct,,, Google AdWords,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TrafficVance,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

If you are an advertising network respresentative, and your network is not on this list, write us at

Connection to Google AdWords

  1. At the campaign settings choose action for bots 'Let them go to streams';
  2. Make sure that the campaign sends to the same address that you are going to use at AdWords and “HTTP-redirect” action is used;
  3. At Keitaro open the page “Additional > Integration Assistant”. Find “Google AdWords” in the list. Copy the URL.
  4. At the ad settings find the option “Campaign URL options > Tracking template”. Paste here the URL;
  5. Press “Test”. If an error occurs check if your URL sends to the address which you set at the “Final URL” field and if the blocking bots is disabled (in state 'Let them go to streams').

How can I pass moderation on Google Adwords or another ad-network?

To pass moderation you need to disable blocking bots and remove redirects. In details:

  1. At the campaign settings choose “Let them go to the streams” action for bots;
  2. Add any identifier for the campaign;
  3. Turn on the CURL or “Display in frame” action in streams;

Note that ad networks periodically check the ads by bots. If the redirect is detected you will be banned. If you really need a redirect, for example, the partner's landing page does not work in the frame, set the option “Bot Protection” in the state “Show Text” and paste there a html-code of the website. So the bots will see a static version of the site. Then at the stream you can switch the action on redirect.

How to pass moderation of app advertising in myTarget ?

The service myTarget allows direct links to Google Play, App Store, Windows Phone and through the trackers on the domains from their white list. There is an instruction on how to add a domain to the white list

How to track performance of advertising network websites?

At advertising network add the parameter sub_id_1 with the source:

You can see the performance of websites at the page “Reports > Sub ID 1”.

Which indicators from advertising websites I can pass to Keitaro?

How can I calculate costs from advertising network?

You need to pass the parameter cost for advertising networks which pass the cost of each click:{{click_cost}}

(name and format of macro is different for each ad network).

To update costs of your advertising campaign open “Campaign > Additional > Update Costs”.