Working with Other Services

How to use Keitaro with FB/Instagram?

Here is one way to do that:

  • Create a campaign. In section “BOT PROTECTION”, choose action “Show text” and paste some HTML page source code (or any text).
  • Create a stream to your offer.
  • Press “Campaign URL” and use the link whatever you like. The offer link in created stream is protected by Keitaro.

Remember to update DBs on page “Maintenance > Geo DBs” or add a cron job.

If you have safe page, use this solution to leave bots on it how_to_set_cloaking_on_website_using_keitaro_tds.

How to leave bots on safe page?

How to track users or subscribers by pixel?

Variant with JS:

  1. Create a campaign with type “Tracking”;
  2. Follow the instructions at the campaign page and connect the code to your website.

Variant with gif:

  1. Upload to TDS directory gif-file;
  2. Create a usual campaign with action type “CURL” and set a full URL of an image with http://.
  3. Copy the campaign URL;
  4. Create in the mailing letter tag img
<img src="http://campaign_url" width="1" height="1" />

You can add extra options to URL if you wish like source or sub_id_1..4.

How to park domains to Keitaro TDS?

Read at the page domain_parking.