Types of reports

  • Visitors with details - detailed information on each visitor
  • Conversions — completed Conversions (leads and sales);
  • Campaigns - reports with entries grouped by campaign name;
  • Referrers
  • Sources
  • Browsers
  • Operating systems
  • Device types
  • Device models
  • Countries
  • Regions and states
  • Cities
  • Mobile Carriers
  • Keywords
  • Search Engines
  • Sub ID 1
  • Sub ID 2
  • Sub ID 3
  • Sub ID 4

Which formats are reports exported to?

To CSV and HTML format in UTF-8 encoding.

What is the difference between leads and sales?

Check the page “conversions#the_difference_between_leads_and_sales|Conversions”.

How do I get reports with other parameters (campaign_id, banner_id, etc.)

You can get reports with existing parameters: Sub ID 1, Sub ID 2, Sub ID 3, Sub ID 4, Source and other.

1. Open “Settings” - “Misc” tab.

2. Add the parameter to the Aliases list.

For example, campaign_id in the field “sub_id_1”, banner_id in “sub_id_2”.

What is the difference between income and profit?

Profit is a revenue minus expenses.


EPV (Earnings per Visit). The formula: revenue / number of visitors.

CPV (Cost per Visit). The formula: cost / number of visitors.

CR (Conversion Rate). The formula: amount of conversions / number of visitors × 100.

CRl (Conversion Rate to leads). The formula: amount of leads / number of visitors × 100.

CRs (Conversion Rate to sales). The formula: number of sales / number of visitors × 100.

EC (Earning per conversion). The formula: revenue / number of conversions × 100.

ROI (Return of Investment). The formula: (revenue - cost) / cost * 100.

Why the income and profit ROI indicators does not change?

You need to configure the receiving postbacks from affiliate networks.

What should I do if all the reports are empty?

Go to “Service > Status” page. Make sure the statistics is processed and there are no errors.

How can I change the report currency?

Change it at the Settings page.

How can the customer or a third party access the reports?

Create a new user, choose the campaigns and reports accessible to this user.

"No data" message in each report

Check the Cron settings at “Status” page and error log /var/log/errors.log.

Unable to export a large report (csv/html), error Timeout

Reports are exported to the directory export/. You can download it through FTP.

How to open CSV in Excel?

  1. Create a new table;
  2. File → Import;
  3. Leave the option «CSV file», click «Import» and choose your file;
  4. Choose «Original data type: Delimited», «File origin: Cyrillic (Windows)», press «Next»;
  5. Leave only «Delimeters: Semicolon», press Finish.
  6. At the appeared window press «OK».

How to get a report by the passed parameter?

You can use reports by Sub ID 1..4.

  1. Open the page “Settings > Other”;
  2. Find a field of aliases sub_id_1;
  3. Add your campaign parameter. For example, “zone_id”.

After that the report Sub ID 1 begins to fill.