Server Requirements

How to choose server or hosting?

Keitaro TDS can be used on any hosting and on a standard configuration of a server LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL, PHP). It's is enough if you have a small amount of traffic. But if you have 50 000 and more visitors per day the performance will be reduced. Therefore, if you expect a large amount of traffic choose the appropriate server in advance.

There is a combination of the server software for the most efficient way of using the server resources:

  1. Nginx
  2. MariaDB

These kinds of server are provided by our partner FriendsHosting. You may contact us for assistance in setting up or you may configure the server by yourself by this instruction.

System Requirements

  • Apache 2 (Nginx and PHP-FPM are recommended);
  • MySQL 5.1+ (MariaDB is recommended);
  • PHP 5.4+ (7.0 is recommended);

PHP extensions:

  • php_iconv
  • php_curl
  • mbstring
  • php_zip
  • php_hash
  • zlib

Note: Simple way to to check the compatibility is to use the scipt check.php (

Which Operating System should I choose?

Cent OS 7, but you need to install PHP 5.6 or PHP 7. You can read the instruction about manually and automatic setting up of the server at this page centos.

If you want to easily assemble the server from the standard packages you should choose Ubuntu. Here is the instruction about ioncube setting up hot_to_install_ioncube_to_ubuntu_or_debian.

Hardware Requirements

In case server contains less that 2GB RAM, swap file is necessary.

Load up to 50 000 visitors per day:

  • 1CPU, 2GB RAM

Load 200 000 visitors per day:

  • 2CPU, 2GB RAM (without Redis and PHP-FPM)
  • 1CPU, 2GB RAM (Redis, PHP-FPM)

Load more than 200 000 visitors per day:

  • 2CPU, 4GB RAM (Redis, PHP-FPM)

Load more than 500 000 visitors per day:

  • 4CPU, 6GB RAM (Redis, PHP-FPM)

More than 1 million visitors:

  • 8 CPU, 8GB RAM (Redis, PHP-FPM)

Hoster FriendsHosting provides virtual servers based on Nginx, PHP-FPM, MySQL and Redis. Full compatibility with Keitaro TDS.

How to enable swap?

How much disk space does Keitaro TDS require?

2GB minimum for normal operation of the server. Then it will depend on how much statistics is necessary to store.

1 000 entries of detailing transition takes ~ 1 mb at MySQL. For example, you expect 200 000 visitors per day and detailing will be stored in the past month:

200 000 × 31 / 1 000 = ~6.2 GB

This calculation is very inaccurate, but it allows you to buy the necessary disk space in advance.

Is PHP 7 supported?

Yes, but only PHP 7.0.* versions.