Send postbacks

Sending postbacks is needed to notify the advertising, banner networks and other analytics tools about received conversions.

Please do not confuse sending postbacks from Keitaro with receiving postbacks to Keitaro.

How it works?

To send postbacks from Keitaro correctly you need to pass a value “clickid” through the parameter “sub_id_4” from an ad network to a campaign at first. For example, zeropark have a macro {cid}:{cid}

Then at the campaign settings add sending postback to a special address of the ad network. An example from zeropark:{sub_id_4}

What macros are available?

  • {browser}
  • {carrier}
  • {city}
  • {connection_type}
  • {cost} — cost of visit
  • {country}
  • {country_name}
  • {currency} — account currency (RUB, USD, EUR и т.д.)
  • {date}
  • {device_model}
  • {device_type}
  • {extra_param_1}
  • {extra_param_2}
  • {extra_param_3}
  • {extra_param_4}
  • {extra_param_5}
  • {extra_param_6}
  • {extra_param_7}
  • {from_file}
  • {ip}
  • {isp}
  • {keyword}
  • {keyword_cp1251}
  • {language}
  • {operator}
  • {operator_name}
  • {os}
  • {profit} — revenue minus cost
  • {random}
  • {referrer}
  • {region}
  • {region_name}
  • {revenue}
  • {se}
  • {source}
  • {status} — status (lead, sale, rejected)
  • {stream_id}
  • {sub_id_1}
  • {sub_id_2}
  • {sub_id_3}
  • {sub_id_4}
  • {subid} — unique id of a visit in Keitaro
  • {tid} — Transaction ID
  • {useragent}

A current list of macros available in the window “URL Builder”.

How to check the result of sending postbacks?

All postbacks which were sent log in the file var/log/send_postbacks.log.

Common errors:

  • Clickid is not passed or is not returned in postback (you can identify it by log send_postbacks.log);
  • A value that set in the field Source does not coincide with value that passes the advertising network. You can determine it by the detailed report.

How to use the field "Source"?

You can use the field “Source” when the traffic is coming from multiple ad networks and you need to send postback to each network on a separate address.

To split a postbacks pass source to a campaign through the parameter source:

Then at the postbacks settings set sources: adwords, teasernet or direct.

You can set multiple sources at the same time: direct, adwords. This is useful if you have some other service for conversion accounting.