Where is the Settings section?

In “Service” menu.

How can I change the database password?

In the file application/config/config.ini

How can I turn on Redis?

If it is not installed, install it first (follow the Instructions). When Redis is installed and php_redis extension is on, the Redis option will appear in “Performance” tab and on the “Traffic processor storage” list.

What is "Traffic processor storage"?

Keitaro has a separate traffic processing module whose work is speed-oriented.

  • MySQL — data saved straight to the database. You can see the visitors right away in “Visitor details” report, but heavy load decreases the speed of traffic processing;
  • Files — the processor works faster, but there is a delay in data display in reports;
  • Redis — this is the fastest storage. Highly recommended for heavy loads.

All the storage data is dumped when cron.php is launched. That is why task planner setup is mandatory.

What are geo-databases used for?

Geo-databases contain information on IP addresses such as their country, region, and city. Read more at Geo-databases page.

===== How can Avscan or VirusCheckMate be connected? Read the pages Connection and VCM Connection.

How can I change the time?

Press “Change time” in the “Other” tab. The new time will be saved immediately whether you save the settings or not.

What is action for domain used for?

Each campaign has its unique address, but sometimes there are visitors on the domain without campaign ID. This redirect is there for such cases. Redirect to an external resource is not recommended, as antivirus services may process it in a wrong way. You can indicate campaign address if necessary.

Where is the Extra URL?

It has been renamed to “Action for domain”.

Cloaking settings

Bot characteristics can be set in “Bots” tab.

What is "Keitaro API key used for?"

For API access.

How to set a password for Redis?

Add password before the address: