Which actions are available?

Check the List of Actions

Which filters are available? Какие фильтры доступны?

Check the Filters page.

How can I transmit user information or utm-parameters to the partner page?


Which macros are available?

Check the Macros page.

How can I replace a referrer?

Please read page How to Hide Referrer.

Why all the visitors get to the first stream?

When consecutive mode is on, the streams are sorted from up to down. If the visitor suits the stream filters, the visitor goes to this stream. There are no other hidden conditions.

How can the repeat visitor be redirected to the next stream?

Turn on stream filters “Uniqueness by cookies” or “Uniqueness by IP”, states “select” + “Unique for the stream”.

What is monitoring?

Monitoring checks if the stream URL or an external website correspond to several conditions such as: availability, text presence, presence in antivirus databases. Read more at Monitoring page.

How can the amount of visitors be restricted on a certain stream?

Use the “Limit” filter.

How to create multiple streams?

1. Create a stream with needed filters.

2. Export to JSON (Additional -> Export);

Open the file. The code looks like this

  {"campaign_id": 1, "redirect_url": "", ...}

3. Copy the stream section and create any other streams:

  {"campaign_id": 1, "redirect_url": "", ...},
  {"campaign_id": 1, "redirect_url": "", ...},
  {"campaign_id": 1, "redirect_url": "", ...}

Notice the commas between sections.

4. Удалите существующий поток в кампании и загрузите новый список потоков (Дополнительно > Импорт).

Если после импорта не появились потоки, то вероятно ошибка в формате json. Обычно, это лишняя запятая после последнего блока.

How can I change the URL in all the streams and campaigns?

Find all the streams and campaigns using search. Check the streams and choose “Replace”. Mark the old and the new text in the window.

How can I get URL for redirect from a partner page?

UseMonitoring or REMOTE action.

How can the streams be moved to another Keitaro TDS?

Choose “Others > Export”, download the campaign dump. Choose “Others > Import” on the other TDS. The second TDS should be no lower than the first one, otherwise incompatibility is possible.

How can stream URL be checked in antivirus databases?

Check the Monitoring page.

How can the stream part be preset for random distribution?

For example, let us divide the parts into three streams: 25%, 25% и 50%. Let us take 100 for the total weight of all the streams. We set stream weight to 25, 25 and 50.

How can traffic be redirected to a certain stream?

“Stream/Banner Selection Mode” should be Linear.

  1. Create a stream and add a filter by a parameter;
  2. At the filter set any parameter name, for example, stream and any value, for example, s1;
  3. Create other streams similarly.

Now you can add the parameter to the campaign link.

Only that stream will work, on which you set the parameter name and value correctly.